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Excellent quality Straight scissors that are universal and perfect for overall work. If you need smaller scissors, our Black Swan short are especially great for eyebrows, paws and detailing.

Material - stainless steel DC53 - cold work tool steel with exceptional toughness, wear resistance, compressive strength and temper resistance. DC53 is one of the hardest steels with hardness (62-64 HRc), for comparative Solingen steel has approx 57HRc and 440c 58-60HRc, so we selected one of the best possible material

Modern technology CNC accurate tech with 2mm difference offers perfection and the lowest dimension tolerance possible

Convex edges make a top quality cut - A convex edge is the sharpest edge you can get on a pair of scissors. All convex-edged are hollow ground on the inside of the blade which gives a very smooth cutting action.

Length of scissor 7.5 Inches

Cutting area 3.34 Inches

Satin black polished

-Delivered in magnetic closing box with adjusting key, polishing cloth

Our scissors are the highest quality, under top quality control with many handcrafted steps. We start with smaller amounts so we can take our time to produce the best product possible.

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