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Curved Thinner Scissor - 7.5"

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Introducing our exceptional quality Thinner - versatile and perfect for all-over grooming. Ideal for legs and underlining, this thinner also excels in smoothing your pet's fur. It delivers perfection on curved areas, making it great for grooming the chest, sides, legs, and the neck. Whether it's for a larger breed with a thick coat or pre-cutting before fine-tuning, this tool is up to the task.Our thinner features 65 teeth with a broad, single edge and a convex finish that provides the best possible cut.

Utilizing 21st-century technology, these scissors are designed for hard work. They're incredibly durable and strong, all set to deliver precise cuts even for a show. Balanced in weight with comfortable finger holes, these grooming tools are perfect for long trimming sessions. They are smaller and a bit more handy than our shark set thinners, making them ideal for smaller breeds.

We ensure our scissors are finely honed for durability while maintaining a sharp, convex edge ideal for tough tasks. This set is perfect for salon work, show grooming, or simply your home grooming needs.

Remember, quality thinners require quality steel to cut accurately, especially at the edge. Rest assured, we understand this and prioritize quality in our products. Crafted from stainless steel DC53. This cold work tool steel boasts exceptional toughness, wear resistance, compressive strength, and temper resistance.

DC53 is one of the hardest steels with a hardness of 62-64 HRc. For comparison, Solingen steel has approximately 57HRc, and 440c has 58-60 HRc. We've selected only the best material for our tools.We utilize modern, CNC accurate tech with a 2mm difference, guaranteeing perfection and the lowest dimension tolerance possible. Each pair features convex edges, offering the sharpest cut achievable. With the blades hollow ground on the inside, each cutting action is smooth and effortless.


Length: 7.5 inch

Cutting area: 10cm

Finish: Polished satin silver

Our package includes a magnetic closing box with a polishing cloth. As we produce these products by hand, we retain the highest standards of quality in the industry."

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