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Espana Antiseptic Bathing Products

  • Espana products are soap-free which mean they contain NO phosphates, NO parabens, NO potassium salts or potassium hydroxide. They contain NO dyes or renders of animal fat (sodium tallowate) or harsh detergents so they will NOT wash out spot-on topical flea treatments, are color safe & will not weigh down, flatten or fade hair.
  • Espana products are plant based with organic ingredients, are PH balanced and, are good for humans and all their pets. They are specially formulated to hydrate and reduce static while enhancing the natural luster, sheen & shine of coats. Espana's spray products contain no ethanol or harmful aerosols. In fact, they are hypoallergenic, meaning they are intentionally formulated to be mild and unlikely to irritate your pet's skin.
  • Espana products contain NO ethylene alcohol, which is in most competitive products to eliminate grease. Ethylene can be absorbed into the body's blood stream of both you and your pet. It is not required to be listed as an ingredient on product labels, so many other manufacturers use it without anyone actually knowing.
  • Espana products contain NO “Sodium Sulfates” as used in most competitor products. Sodium sulfates will dry out skin and is absorbed into both pet and human blood streams. Espana products are made from organic surfactant blends to clean your pet's skin and hair shaft only, therefore, not going below the skin surfaces.
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