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Prefer to use your fingers to hand-strip? Try our finger cots for extra grip!
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Unleash new heights of grooming precision by introducing our Finger Cots into your dog grooming routine. Perfect for those who prefer human touch over tools, these cots are tailor-made for hand stripping.

Manufactured from latex rubber, they offer excellent grip to help you hold and pull out the hair with greater ease and precision, allowing for faster and more detailed work. Finger Cots serve as your shield against skin soreness and blisters that could result from prolonged hand stripping sessions.

But it is not just your fingers that receive this protection. Our Finger Cots ensure a gentle yet firm grip on your dog's hair and skin, eliminating chances of any damage during coat extraction. This makes them the preferred choice for grooming show dogs, where every single hair matters.

If your dog's coat has been adversely affected by sharp stripping knives, our Finger Cots will come to your rescue. Our product helps to pull out entire hairs from the root, aiding in coat recovery. By pulling out a few soft hairs, the follicles can produce coarser or rougher hairs, reinstating the wiry look your dog once flaunted.

What are you adding to your grooming kit?

Powder-free latex rubber Finger Cots in packs of 25 cots in 3 different sizes:

- Small (23mm diameter)

- Medium (25mm diameter)

- Large (28mm diameter)

Usage Guide: Roll the Finger Cots onto your thumb and index finger. Gently lift your dog's coat with your other hand to make the hair points stand up. Pull in the direction of hair growth, quickly but softly. Always support the skin with your other hand to ensure it remains steady during the process. It is recommended to pluck just a few hairs at a time.

Remember, hand stripping your dog should not hurt. You are simply removing dead hair which should come out easily. Let these Finger Cots be your best companion in ensuring a comfortable and effective grooming process for your dog. Happy handstripping!

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